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For self-help events, or for those who want to grow their community & products

Personal-Growth industry Speakers, Coaches, Authors & Organizations

Would you like to grow your community and keep them engaged after events?


Most Self-Help events have no long-term support
system in place for its’ participants.

One of the most difficult things about “event planning” (workshops, retreats, courses, webinars, etc.) is figuring out how to connect with and retain your audience after the event is over. Without a good support system your participants can begin to lose touch with their goals and fall back into old habits and ways of thinking.

For most people, the connection with their audience ends there. But what if you could keep them actively engaged with you and each other well after the event, and with minimal time and effort on your part? 

In order to solve this problem, we created our event Support System, designed to keep your audience engaged and connected (after any kind of event, even coaching sessions or as a product in your store) so that you can expand your outreach and create an active, long-term following with minimal effort and upkeep:

  • Your audience can find inspiration, encouragement & support with their goals around YOUR message
  • Interact with & grow your outreach simply & easily (gives you an active, self-sustaining community of “primed,” dedicated consumers for new products or events)
  • Includes Facebook-level functionality (+ journaling, goal-planning/rewards, video-conferencing, forums, support groups & more)
  • Works for teleconferences, courses, workshops, webinars, live (or online) events, retreats, support/study/meetup groups & masterminds
  • Can be a huge upgrade from a Facebook group (passive, unfocused, difficult to market to) or NING network (complicated, requires a lot of moderation/management)

A custom Members Area where users can connect & get ongoing support after YOUR events

A high-quality Daily Planner product that can be customized with YOUR inspiring content

Your best customers are the ones you already have.

Our support system gives you an active, self-sustaining community of “primed,” dedicated consumers for new products & events

Online Community

Your audience can find Inspiration, Encouragement and Support with their goals around your message

The Journey Inward ~ Community includes a private, custom Members Area where your audience can connect with each other online in an active community and get ongoing support around your content (while keeping them engaged with your message on a more constant basis).

Located within our unique peer-to-peer support system, this community is designed to let you interact with your audience and grow your outreach simply and easily.

How will this increase your revenue?

  • The probability of selling to existing customers is 60-70% (vs. 5-20% for new prospects)
  • Market your products/events to an active community of dedicated consumers (increases click-through rate on messages)
  • Create natural sales funnels for your products & events (using integrated “Gamification” & mass-messaging features)
  • Free advertising through social media posts via your participants (tap into a younger audience!)

Main Features:

Custom Community

A dedicated, editable, personalized Community Area for your group

Custom Content

Inspiring media and group discussion material created from your content


Members can comment on posts/topics and share public posts on Social Media


You can market to your community directly whenever you want

Your Audience Can:

Create Inspiration

Post/comment on inspiring content and share on social media

Get Support

Get peer-to-peer and coaching support in the community Forum

Join Your Group

Attend ongoing group calls, chats and video-chats around YOUR message

"Journey Inward ~ Planner" logo

Custom Planner

You can have your own Daily Planner product without building one from scratch

The Journey Inward ~ Custom Planner is a high-quality Daily Planner template that we personalize around your message, which provides your audience with a more immediate (& intimate) daily connection with your content, as well as a way to create lasting change in their lives! This gives you a physical (& digital) product you can hand out at your events (or sell in your store), while saving you thousands in development costs.

  • The planner links with your Online Community in a very unique way: As people continue to use it, they will be able to connect with other Planner users to find inspiration and support around the inspiring content in YOUR custom planner.

Customizable Elements:

Inspiring Content

Your articles/quotes/stories and categories

Media Insert

Your mini-book, CD/DVD or other insert


Your quotes combined with inspiring imagery (for social media, etc.)

Support System Packages

Choose a custom support system for your events & your outreach

Our new support system is set to revolutionize the entire self-improvement industry. We are creating a number of these packages for transformational leaders (like bestselling author James Twyman for his “A Course in Miracles” movie), and we’re currently gearing up for our Global Launch in June that offers our system at a significant discount (25-100% off), plus these FREE benefits:

  • Additional training, marketing & support materials
  • Custom improvements made from your input
  • Additional support/group monitoring
  • Assistance in building your long-term support system
  • Additional custom mock-ups & marketing materials
  • Our Re-Integration materials for your events

Referral Incentives:

Receive credits toward any of these items for every Custom Community you help us sell


Upgrade your community to the MESSENGER or PLANNER package


Receive a 20% commission on any Custom Community sale


YOUR Product or upcoming event advertised sitewide on


Social media images or Print-On-Demand T-shirt designs created from your inspiring content

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