Community Details

Standard Features

All packages include Custom Forum/Group setup & Invite Code


Custom Community

Custom look/feel & group discussion material added (from your books, workbooks, etc.). You can add new media, forum topics & group content whenever you want

Team Training

We will train you and your staff, volunteers & coaches in the proper use of our system (additional support & training will be available through our Support Forum)

Staff Support

Add coaches and/or staff to your community as group leaders or forum support (members can also get support/tutorials from the built-in Help Center)


You (or your staff) can moderate & manage your community using our Community Manager (new upgrades/add-ons are FREE!)

Member Features

All your members get these built-in features

Full Profile

Full Facebook-level functionality (wall, friends, groups, messages, etc.) + status updates, interests, favorites, achievements & more!


Rewards system (points, levels & badges) encourages members to participate, share & support each other (also reward your members with points product/event discounts & more!)

Post, Share & Comment

Members can comment on status updates, favorite them, or share public posts on Social Media


Custom Community

Your members automatically join your private group


Send messages & updates to your entire group any time (advertise your upcoming events & products, or group events such as calls & video or chat events)

Video Chat Room

Host video, audio or chat sessions with your group whenever you want!

Event Calendar

Built-in notifications/RSVP system around your upcoming group events (calls, chat sessions, video-conferences, etc.)


Built-in forum where members can get support from you (&/or your coaches) or each other around your custom topics

Messenger Profile Page

All Messengers also get a Public Community Profile page

Your Bio

Your main bio, photo of you & website link

Group Front Page

Anyone visiting can see this public group front page to find out more about you & help grow your following

Your Custom Message

Editable “message from you” areas on the public front page and welcome page for group members

All Your Content

Links to your group events & aaffiliate products/events